Job Done….almost

After an huge amount of work programming the virtual orchestra (with live guitar, kit and flutes), things are nearing completion for Marnell Tanner’s new Christmas Gospel album, having  just spent 2 days recording the backing vocals -and I have to say a huge thank you to the vocalists-they were superb.
I’d asked Emer McParland to find me some sight reading singers and she assembled and led a fantastic team for the six part vocals arrangements which we had written. So a huge “thank you” to :
Emer PcParland, Sam Shaw, Louise Clare Marshall, Yona Dunsford, Iain Mackenzie, David Combes, James Spilling.
Each of these great vocalists has worked extensively on sessions and from the first few notes I knew it was going to be good. In fact it was so good that we hardly double tracked any vocals and bare in mind that we’re emulating a gospel choir here. It was such a big sound with the six voices and because they all read the parts and recorded together, we got the overspill from each of the 6 mic’s, making it sound even bigger.
My job is nearly done on this project now and it will go on to be mixed next week. Some really lovely music, though and Marnell is sounding great.

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