Music Arrangements:

Written music arrangements require a great deal of knowledge, experience and attention to detail. SMARTassmusic have 15 years experience arranging for a huge variety of clients from top selling chart acts, orchestras, cabaret singers and amateurs alike.
Having high quality musical arrangements can make or break a show and save you time and money.
Whether it’s live or in the studio you need to rely on the fact that your music has been produced to the highest degree of expertise so that not only does it sound good, but it’s clear and intelligently laid out. This gives you a better performance from your musicians as well as saving you expensive rehearsal or studio time.


We’ve transcribed and arranged music for large orchestral concerts, cruise ship shows, cabaret shows, concerts, Jazz events and theatre. The video example above is an arrangement for rock band and full orchestra. (click to view the video).


Written arrangements for studio recordings need to be written slightly differently than live performance, with the advantages and limitations of recording in mind. In this example we arranged the Brass parts for the No1 hit “Here Come The Girls”


For this touring show we transcribed and arranged a full Big Band to be recorded in the studio

Here is our new horn section recording of “I’ve Got The World On a String” as recorded by Frank Sinatra.
We transcribed the original but we also synced all timings to the original performance too, creating a wonderful authentic, live feel.

How to Commission an Arrangement:

If you are interested in commissioning an arranger contact us and outline the kind of thing that you need.
Let us know things such as: how many instruments,
length of music,
style & deadline.
We should be able to give you an accurate, set price

If you are able to upload or email an audio file then that’s extremely useful and we can confirm a set price after listening to the track. You can upload files HERE

Want To Find Out More?

For an in depth look at our arranging skills, lots of examples and available options, we now have a dedicated arranging site at