Session Musicians


Online Session Musicians :

onlin session musiciansIf you need live musicians to make your production sound incredible then we have access to many of the UK’s finest session musicians. (In the image here I’m playing piano with the incredible Spice Fusion Big Band at the Hippodrome, Leicester Square.
All the musicians we use are experienced professionals and have worked in West End Theatre, TV, studio recordings and tours with top acts (Paul McCartney, Barry Manilow, Jamiriqoui, Spice Girls, Shirley Bassey, Suga Babes…..and loads more)

Save Money

With today’s technology we can save you money by allowing these musicians to use their own home studios and uploading the files to us.

A Live Feel

We can produce a totally live feel on the drums by having a session drummer play a digital or live kit & send us the individual tracks via our file transfer facility for mixing.

All this keeps the cost down substantially-but for when only live instruments (or a Steinway grand) will do, we use several nearby studios who have proven track records and experienced engineers..

Vocal Backings and Orchestral Arrangements

A single day in a reasonable studio will cost at least £350 and good musicians will cost a minimum of £200 each. If you have 4 musicians and a single day, you have just spent £1150 and that’s not including arranging the music.
We can arrange and record each 3-4min track for between £300-£400 (depending on the amount of musicians you want) and you have complete control over what you want.