Ghosts in the Machine

smartassmusic_100x100You know those really frustrating weeks where nothing goes right?!
For the diligent amongst you, you may have noticed some “ghosts in the machine” at SMARTassMusic this week. On Friday I noticed some missing tables in the DB, which was very strange and possibly due to a server error. We got this fixed as soon as possible and on Monday we started with a big server upgrade to give us more than double the space and a faster server.
Unfortunately this coincided with more DB tables dissappearing and the server upgrade  meant that we couldn’t access the system to correct this until the transfer was complete. This took all week!!!!!.

The site was in fact fully functional for almost the entire time although access to many tracks was impossible through the searh facility. This did not make me a happy bunny :-((

I’m glad to say that everything has been restored and process of moving to a new, bigger, faster server is now completed.
Personally, I want this site to provide superior quality content, quickly and easily and believe me, any downtime frustrates me hugely, as those around me will testify!

Sincere apologies if anybody was inconvenienced but everything is back working and with far more resources.
Actually we have big improvements which are already under way and we should be rolling them out soon 🙂

More great music is waiting to be released very soon.

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