Recent Projects (1) Sinatra Arrangements and Recordings

Recent Projects (1)
Sinatra (full Big Band/ Orchestral) Arrangements & Recordings

Here’s a look at two large, complex projects we’ve completed over the past year:

“That’s Life – The Sinatra Story” is a touring theatre show following the life of Sinatra with 40 Big band and orchestral arrangements with a live band.
What makes this show special is that these arrangements are completely authentic and accurate and are tempo mapped to the original recordings, recreating the correct mood and feel. The live musicians are playing along with additional recorded material that would otherwise be impossible – there’s a complete Big Band, full orchestra with vibraphone, celeste, clavichord, fender Rhodes, alto flutes……and every instrument used in the original recordings.


Here is our new horn section recording of “I’ve Got The World On a String” as recorded by Frank Sinatra.
We transcribed the original but we also synced all timings to the original performance too, creating a wonderful authentic, live feel.

On stage there are 8 live musicians, each with headphones playing a long to a click of some wonderfully recorded recreations of the original Sinatra recordings, synced to video.
The effect, for the musicians and the audience is that the entire Big Band or orchestra is there on stage – something which would be impossible in reality without an endless budget and a huge amount of space!


music score example
This example (click to view) shows The Piano/MD part with stage and instrument cues clearly written. The vocal line is notated as well so that the MD is aware of everything that should be happening on stage.
music score example
Another piano/MD score example – the pre-recorded strings are clearly notated.
music score example
Here is a bass part, which has been clearly notated making it easy for the musician to read and minimising any mistakes.