Virtual Instruments

Virtual Instruments :

music production
Virtual instruments are highly sophisticated software versions of real instruments,
such as piano, bass, violins etc.

Although they do use midi, they have nothing in common with the familiar sound
of dated midi instruments.

As with any tool, the secret to getting the most out of them is in understanding how to use them properly. For virtual instruments to sound real it’s not enough to buy the software and simply use it – you need to be able to write properly for the real thing!

We have a huge amount of experience transcribing music and arranging music for real instruments. This knowledge has proved invaluable in the ability to make virtual instruments behave in a musical and realistic way.

Eastwest Composer cloud VST

Keyscape VST

Cubase Pro 9 DAW


Need to record your material but can’t afford a studio or musicians?

Do you have great musical ideas but have no huge budget for a recording studio and session musicians for the time needed?

A single day in a reasonable studio will cost at least £350 and good musicians will cost a minimum of £200 each. If you have 4 musicians and a single day, you have just spent £1150 and that’s not including arranging the music.

We can arrange and record each 3-4min track for between £300-£400 (depending on the amount of musicians you want) and you have complete control over what you want.