Customer Quotes

Customer Quotes :

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Amanda, UK

"Really brilliant – loving your work by the way!! Songs are amazing as usual ……
Thank-you a million
Will be in touch soon with more………

Sonja, Boston

"Wow! Outstanding, James. I really love it. It is so beautiful.
It was really great to get to my desk this morning and listen to something this wonderful!"

Tedi G.

“James you are our man, we want to work with you forever :))) You have done a great job communicating with us and are on top of the game :) “

S. Patenaude

“I just wanted to tell you that i’m very satisfied with my purchase…. The song is perfect for the job I have to do. Your prices are excellent and it’s really good quality…. I’m looking forward to doing more business with you. “


“Thank you so much for the great audio you have produced, we are extremely happy with the results. Thank you for your excellence!"

B. Preuss (Composer)

“I still can’t get over how talented you and your musicians are. I wish I had found out about SMARTass Music a long time ago. I’m highly impressed. “

Will Mount, Baltimore Music (Producer/ musician)

“it was a great effort by all concerned for a particularly high quality product. I am very impressed by your attention to detail and your quick improvisation on the day when the clock was against us. How much do you charge for 1) transcription 2) arrangement and 3) backing track recreation. I ask for two reasons, one in order to recommend your premium quality services to those who might be interested and two, because I need to transcribe………”

Nigel (Musician)

“What a superb piece of work!!…….. I am very impressed with the totally professional, skillful way you have executed this job. Please send your bill….it will be a pleasure to pay for such high quality work.”

Alex (Music teacher)

“I would like to thank you enormously for the chart you made of ‘Got to Get you off my mind’. We performed it a while ago, and it really was superb. It was the final number in a concert which went down incredibly well with the audience, who encored your arrangement twice. Thank you so much for contributing to the success of the evening, and I will definitely be asking for your help in the future. “

S. Foley (Music student)

“It just arrived!!
And it’s brilliant, thanks.
I’ll be after more, as I have a few favourite pieces that I could have a stab at now …..
Best wishes,”

Bill (Composer/ writer)

“Everything sounds great! Thanks so much – I hope this hasn’t been too much of a nightmare project for you!”

Colin (Playwright/ author)

“Checked it and all looks good – very good. We are all very pleased
Great job “