What is Royalty Free Music?

information_iconMany people are confused about exactly what “royalty free music” is, so I thought I’d clear up some misconceptions ūüôā
Firstly:¬†Royalty free music is NOT free. It’s also NOT “copyright free” music.
“Royalty free” means that you don’t pay the “royalties” ………but you do need to pay for the license to use the music, either within a production (such as a TV program,video or film) or other usage such as public performance or “music on hold”.
Obviously¬†this differs from commercially available “chart” music, where the CD price or download fee does NOT cover any commercial, broadcast or public performance usage and is only for private listening.

Initially, “stock music“, “production music” or ¬†“library music” would have derived income ¬†from ¬†a “needle-drop” fee (royalty) each time a piece of music was played. The cost of each “play” would also depend upon the usage e.g. Film, TV, radio, etc.
By purchasing royalty free music,  media companies can access  music far more cost effectively as well as being able to  license  music quickly. Alternative methods of licensing can still be time consuming and expensive whereas royalty free music is now a vital source of legal music for use in corporate videos, internet video, radio, TV, film, animations, podcasts and websites.

Over the years royalty free music has gained a reputation for sounding cheesy and cheap but  companies such as SMARTassMusic, are trying hard to change that image by only including the highest quality music, composed and recorded by professional musicians.
We reject approximately 95% of submitted material and we pride ourselves on the high quality of composition and production. To help keep our standards high we have absolutely no user-generated content and never will. The criteria for inclusion is that either the music is good enough so that we would enjoy listening to it ourselves or if it has an obvious media purpose.

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