Orchestral Soundtracks by Yuri Sazonoff

orchestral musicWe’re introducing film composer Yuri Sazonoff this month with  a  stunning collection of  orchestral pieces – recorded with a live orchestra in Moscow.
Both the playing and the writing are simply wonderful.

These tracks are available to download either as a collection (including various edits) or as individual edits.
Orchestral Soundtracks 1 includes:

Passion of Love – A beautiful,  romantic, 8 minute  uplifting orchestral score. Beautiful string writing.

Vengeance – An exciting Hollywood style action score suitable for  battle scenes and action sequences.

Requiem – A stunning romantic, melancholic piece similar to Barber’s Adagio for strings. (No separate edits available).

9th Sense –  Mysterious, romantic, uplifting, sensual, soundtrack similar to Danny Elfmann.

Olympic Glory – Strong, slow theme. Sophisticated, rich, warm, beautiful, Hollywood style theme.

Olympic Spirit – A triumphant, uplifting, winning style orchestral soundtrack . Exciting and moving.

Each of these tracks (excluding “Requiem”)  have multiple edits available to download.

If this collection was purchased as individual edits it would cost over $400  but you can download this entire package for under $95 🙂

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Royalty Free Romantic Valentine’s Music

Royalty free valentine musicWith Valentine’s day around the corner you’ll be needing great sounding romantic music and I’m not exaggerating when I say it doesn’t get better than this!

We’ve just added some fantastic romantic orchestral tracks,  composed by Yuri Sazonoff and  recorded by a live orchestra.

Passion of Love is simply stunning. 8 minutes of beautiful romantic orchestral music with wonderful string writing.
Olympic Glory is another live recording by Yuri and is an uplifting, romantic track.
I’ll be posting more about Yuri soon……….

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Royalty Free Valentines Music

With Valentines day looming we’ve collected some of our rather beautiful romantic royalty free tracks for your current projects. You can’t miss them, on the the home page with our rather nifty Valentine icon 🙂

Listen to  Carousel, which has two versions. This version is a guitar duet (played by concert guitarist Jonathan Preiss) and there is also a version with a subtle string arrangement which you can listen to here. 
We also have two beautiful romantic piano and string tracks, Slumber and Dreamscape.

Alex Khaskin and composed some great romantic music – listen to “We’ll Meet Again“, “Never Too Late” , “Last Goodbye” and one of my favourites “Beautiful Rose

I’m sure you’ll find something suitable but whatever happens, do have a great day 🙂

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