Site Updates

Some of you may have noticed a few subtle changes at SMARTassMusic lately.
We’ve implemented a great deal of improvements to the site(s) over the past few weeks as well as some high quality royalty free music of course.

For our USA visitors you now have on a US server so that it loads even quicker for you. We’ve compressed a lot of the pages to help loading times and implemented a rather cool new music category menu. This looks like the previous one but should be much better to use – it’s certainly a lot more fun, give it a try!
In addition we’ve resolved some login issues that we were having with AOL customers and generally improved the overall ease of use of the site.
For UK visitors you have your own which is hosted in the UK and faster loading than the previous versions. The information from one site is duplicated to the other so you can login and purchase from either server.
Our stock music packages are more flexible now so that we can offer collections of entire tracks on our front menu. We’ll be putting more of these royalty free music collections together over the coming weeks. I should point out that they’re also great value as you get 2 free tracks!

We’re continuing to improve the site and more than happy to hear from you if you have any thoughts of how we can do this.

Happy music hunting..:-)

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