New Low Price Loops!

loops-icon We’ve just had an extensive price update of our loops and packages.
Most of our loops are now only £0.49p ($0.80c) each!!
We’ve also dropped the price of our track/edits/loop packages which are now only £15.99 ($26).

I’m pretty sure that with these price updates SMARTassMusic now offers some of the best value, best quality royalty free production music available. 🙂 

You can see here that the track box shows you which edits and packages are available.
If you click on the “View Edits” text, you can then view each edit.
You can purchase any edit or loop individually or as part of a collection. 



From the Edits View page, you can preview each edit and loop and view information about each one.EDITS




We’re continuing to improve the site all the time and I’ll post shortly about some of the improvements that we’re bringing out right now.

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