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New Tracks

Over the past two weeks we’ve been working hard and added loads of new tracks to the music library. When I look back on what we’ve added, even I’m surprised by the amount of different styles and the fact the some of these are my favourite tracks too.

Rock Music
We have 19 new royalty free music tracks. Many of these are additions by our excellent production music composer Dan Morrissey. He’s become our heavy rock specialist and you can sample he’s great work (and buy it) with tracks like:
Elephant Gun” – really heavy, distorted guitar track with far too much attitude and “Genghis“-a driving guitar led piece with subtle oriental overtones and great guitar licks. “Cloudburst” has a mixture of beautiful guitar and synth sections interspersed with heavy, driving rock guitar.

Dance Music
A couple of my surprise favourites are the heavy Dum and Bass (DnB) track “Large Hadron Collider”, which is so energetic, edgy and in your face, it’s ridiculous. Another is a venture into more authentic Dance music with the Trance number “Altered States“. I really had fun doing these and there’ll be more to come.

World Music
We’ve added a number of  world music tracks including the Scottish/ Celtic “BealTaine” using authentic celtic instruments and the Spanish Flamenco “Flamenco Nights”. This has authentic flamenco guitars and percussion and has a real smoulding Spanish flavour to it.
One of my favourites is the Indian track “Indus River” and the remix we did of this traditional Indian composition.

We’re adding content as often as we can so check the “New Tracks” menu for any new stuff. We’re also making more inmprovemnts to the site which we’ll keep you posted about.

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