Children’s Music Composition

kids-musicWe  managed to combine hard work with a lot of fun recently, composing  children’s music for a client who is offering a  new concept in kid’s dance classes.
We were given only the lyrics to work from and we had  to compose original  kid’s pop-music which was fun, catchy and rhythmically correct for the children to dance to.
Check out these rough mixes :-):

Cars and Trains :
Farmyard Dance :
Seaside Dance:
Goodbye Dance:

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Production Music for TV, starts the year.

Our blog’s been quiet over the holiday period but while many of you have been putting your feet up, we’ve been really busy behind the scenes.

We’ve upgraded our servers, improved our payment system and added lots of great new music.

We also managed to fit in a TV ad commission from Miami. The company had found a track they liked but they needed something very specific. We recreated the style and then changed it to fit the video exactly. The 24 hour  turnaraound made life quite interesting but Tedi and Debi were a pleasure to work with. Thanks guys 🙂
We’ll post shortly with details of new music, new composers and more free music!
Have a good 2009 🙂

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What’s Going on?

I’m exporting loads of audio at the moment on the other computer, so this gives me a chance to let you have an idea of what exactly goes on here!
We had a last minute job come in last week, which was to write the horn arrangements (trumpets and saxes) for a new track by the “Sugababes“. I was lucky to get 2 of my favourite players to record for me-Scott Garland (Jamiroquai, Barry Manilow, Spice Girls) on saxes and Graham Russell (Shirley Bassey, Jamiroquai, Paul McCartney) on trumpet. They did a superb job-especially as the track was tuned up a quarter tone! The track’s not released for quite a while but I think it’s going to be a definite number 1 in the UK (………….that bit isn’t down to us :-))

We’re finishing off a Christmas Gospel album for Marnell Tanner at the moment so I’m preparing everything to go into the studio for the backing vocals session. I’m rather excited because we have 6 session singers who have all done, TV and film sessions so we should be in a for a good couple of days.
We’re recording at Derek Nash’s “Clown’s Pocket” studios and Marnell has come over from the US to record his vocals and supervise mixing. Derek is a great engineer who worked for the BBC for 20years but he’s also a top session saxophonist so he can hear exactly what’s going on musically and read the score! Coincidentally, I have a jazz gig with him this week – fun!

PS as I’ve got no time to write for the library right now-if you have any superb quality music that you’d like to submit, please do HERE

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