Big Band on a Budget

Big Band Swing has been back in favor recently and you just can’t beat that sound. Gone are all the production effects, loops and synthezisers used in today’s music and the quality rests solely upon good arranging and good playing. We’ve had a lot of fun arranging Big Band music for a dance show, which will be touring the USA and Canada.

This particular 16 piece band actually consisted of 5 musicians, multi-tracking their parts and joined via the internet!
Our job has been to write the arrangements and make sure that they sound stylistically authentic and are easy to read.
These excerpts are completely unmixed but you can clearly hear the quality of the playing and hopefully, the writing too 🙂

Big Band 1 (unmixed) :
Big Band 2 (unmixed) :
Show Band (unmixed) 1:
Show Band (unmixed) 2:

If you’ve ever sat down to work out the notes of your favourite tune then you’ll have some idea of the daunting task of transcribing and arranging individual notes for 5 saxophones, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones and rhythm section. When it all comes together and you hear that sound, there’s nothing to beat it.
So if you need a Big Band sound but don’t have a Big Band budget…all is not lost 🙂

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