New Royalty Free Ambient Music

We’re delighted to introduce a new young composer to SMARTassMusic- Jon Cooper.
Jon’s composing style is synth based ambient music …….and I know what you’re thinking……”we’ve heard that a million times before!” BUT………..these tracks are full of style, subtlety and great production quality and I’ve found myself listening to them when doing site maintenance. 

My personal favourites are:
Alpha – a really beautiful, enticing ambient, atmospheric track Neuromancer and Suspension.

In fact, we think that this music makes perfect atmospheric underscores so we’ve put a collection together of 12 electronic, ambient background tracks “Ambient Underscores“.
This collection of 12 full royalty free ambient  tracks is £59.99 which is a saving of over £100 if you bought them individually!

We’re adding lots of great new music at the moment so don’t forget to view the “new tracks” section and we’ll try to keep you updated here too 🙂

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