Royalty Free Meditation Music

royalty free music for meditationI’m pleased to welcome a new composer to our royalty free music library to start 2012 – Peter Davison

Peter specialises in high quality music for meditation and relaxation and I’ve just added two complete CDs, with more to follow shortly. These tracks and compilations are perfect for video and multimedia for Spa retreats, meditation, yoga, hypnosis and deep relaxation.

music for relaxation

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Low Cost Royalty Free Music

low cost royalty free musicI strongly believe that at SMARTassMusic we have some of the best quality, best value royalty free music available, but to help you out even more during tough times I’ve started a new range of music offers – £1 music packs!

That means that you get the main track, edits and loops ALL for £1!

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Featured User – Promotion

Our new Featured User “Teepee Media

promote your business

Teepee Media create websites of any size, from small sites with basic useful information up to large, complex sites, with animations and interactive features. We have experience of developing websites with over 3000 pages and take great pleasure in our work. We are flexible in our approach, allowing you to develop your website at your own pace along with your business needs. Our customers find this an invaluable service, without any pressure to spend money on features before they and their business are ready.

You can add your own profile from your account area and we’re happy to promote your business for you. All spam free. Guaranteed.

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Jazz Band Hire – London & South East

jazz band hireA new and interesting Jazz Band has been formed for professional events, in the London area. The London Jazz Trio is a piano led Jazz band who love to perform a sophisticated combination of modern pop tunes, classic tracks and of course the Great American Songbook. The effect is a very slick, fun sound that people love to hear, no matter what the age group.
Each of the three musicians are highly experienced professionals who have played with many of the UK’s top Jazz musicians (seen below performing with the great John Etheridge) , as well as pop sessions, theatre and concert work.

jazz group hire

The music that this group loves to play includes current chart music such as “Make You Feel My Love – Adele (Bob Dylan)”, “Only Girl in The World – Rihanna”, “Someone Like You – Kings of Leon”, “Price Tag – Jesse J” as well as well known Jazz Standards “Someone To Watch Over Me”,  “A Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square”,  “Sophisticated Lady”, “Fly Me to The Moon”, “Come Fly With Me” and many, many more. Click here for more details.

To listen to some samples or for more information on hiring a jazz band for your event, visit the band’s site at

The jazz band is available to hire in the Greater London area for corporate events, functions, parties and weddings.

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Composer Wanted

composer wantedUntil Jan 1st we’re taking submissions to our stock music library. Submissions should be MP3 & MUST be very high quality, pro music. Please upload samples to

The agreement, is the usual non-exlusive, 50/50 split (you retain publishing rights too).
We will be in touch quickly if your music is suitable.

Good luck!

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Music Arrangements For Cruise Ships

music arrangements for cruise shipsCruise ship singers and entertainers can often find it difficult to know what makes a good quality arrangement and it may take a great deal of experience and money to learn how to avoid mistakes.

Here’s a few tips on how to avoid the pitfalls of  long rehearsals, wasted money and nervous performances!

Firstly I should point out that personally, I’ve written arrangements for many professional cruise ship vocalists as well as the main shows (and TV show, orchestras and Pop acts) but aside from that I am also a freelance pianist and I get to see a wide variety of musical arrangements and talk to vocalists who regularly play guest spots on cruise ships.
My first 2 jobs out of college were in the cabaret band on cruise ships and I’ve even been a passenger and spoken to other bands and artists.

Tip1. Not all Musicians Are Created Equal.

Your arrangements should sound fantastic played by fantastic musicians but also sound good from bad musicians. I spoke to a singer recently at a gig in London and after the first set he was thanking the band for the way the charts sounded. He told me how he’d recently come back from a cruise ship guest spot and had to give up using the band, it sounded so bad. He moved from the theatre to the lounge and had to use backing tracks instead.
It takes a lot of experience in order to write arrangements that take this into account. You may be a seasoned pro’ with beautiful charts and your regular session guys have no problem playing the intricacies that you’re used to hearing but if the band are not up to the same standard then you may have to pull numbers from your carefully worked out set, even after long, extended rehearsals.

Tip2. Make It Easy To Read!

This may seem like stating the obvious but I come across this issue so often.
Music which is quite simple to play but which is written in such a way as to make it difficult. Even if you don’t read music, does it look neat, clear and can be seen at 3-4 feet away? Even if the answer to these questions is “Yes” there’s detail which can still make the arrangement difficult. An example may be a chord symbol written as “Fb7(#11)” – although this may be technically correct sometimes, a commercial musician will ALWAYS prefer to see “E7(#11) , I guarantee it. Good arrangements are written to be read first time with no rehearsal as opposed to get marks in a college exam.
Something which constantly irritates me is that people write music with 5 or 6 bars to each line, especially with Jazz or pop music. Rhythm sections tend to think in groups of 4 or 8 because that’s how the musical phrases sound. If your arrangements have 4 bars (measures) per line, a rhythm section doesn’t need to think much but if your charts have 5 bars (or 6 or 7….I’ve seen them all), your chances of the bass, drums, pianist or guitarist getting lost have just increased by a massive amount.

Tip3. Bands Come In Different Shapes And Sizes

Cruise ship bands not only differ in their level of competence but also the amount of musicians and instruments within the group.  This can be a real headache for the arranger as well as the vocalist. The band that I started my career with was  a 7 piece, with piano, bass, drums, guitar and sax (doubling clarinet) trumpet and trombone. This is a good size band that can cover most music really well but it’s not that common any more.
I tend to ensure that arrangements can be played well by a trio (piano, bass, drums) and include all the necessary cues of the horn parts. That way it’s all covered.

Tip4. Choose Your Key Carefully

OK, we know the show is all about YOU…..and your voice sounds perfect in B major on this song. By all means use your B major arrangements for bands that you know but for bands that you don’t know or if you have little or no rehearsal, take it from me – Bb major of C major will make everybody’s life a great deal easier!

Tip5. It’s Not All About Style, But……

With musicians, style IS important. A great Jazz player may know 1000s of tunes in any key but may not be able to read simple notation or if you put a page of chord symbols in front of a classical trained pianist and you tend to get silence! Your arrangements (especially for piano) should have enough information on them so that a Classical player can read some notes and so the Jazz player can read some chords.

If you are a singer and have any questions regarding arrangements please do feel free to contact me and ask anything you like, no obligations.

When all your arrangements are in order, the band should look like this:
(My cruise ship band from 20 years ago ….and that’s me in the centre )

cruise ship band

Good luck,

James Treweek
Pianist, arranger, composer

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Free Christmas Music Loops Download

Free Christmas MusicI’ve just added a 35MB FREE Christmas audio download pack on the Facebook page.

Simply “like” our Facebook page and you can download some great free music loops for the holidays as well as a full length version of Silent Night, all completely FREE.
We’ve included some rock loops, urban loops, fun Jingle Bells and traditional music.

Not only that but there is also a 29MB free audio pack too.

Fancy 64MB of audio loops completely free?

Visit the SMARTassMusic Facebook page here. facebook

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Chistmas handbell Music

royalty free christmass handbell musicThe holidays are coming up and for those in need of high quality royalty free Christmas music, we have a great selection – ready for download.

Some of my favourites are the traditional carols played on handbells.
As well as the compilation available (Christmas Handbells Vol. 1) there are indivudal tracks such as Angels From The Realms Of Glory, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Good Christian Men Rejoice, Joy To The World, Silent Night, Good King Wenceslas, We Wish You a Merry Christmas – all recorded to an excellent standard with real handbells. Some tracks also include sleigh bells for a little extra holiday flavour.

All of our downloads are availble as full length free previews and can be downloaded as CD quality WAV or AIFF files as well as 4 types of MP3.

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