Royalty Free Christmas Music-Too Early? :-)

royalty free christmas musicWell, if you’re think that October is too early for Christmas Music, so did we until we saw so many people searching for it already!
We’ve got some great, high quality Royalty Free Christmas Music ranging from the rather beautiful, traditional Silent Night and rather lighter Jingle Bells to the fun heavy rock versions of Auld Lang Syne, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen and of course-Jingle Bells. There’s also some Jazz and Urban/ Hip-Hop tracks.
We had fun recording these, especially the rock versions where we used a live kit to avoid that drum loop sound.
Have fun with you Christmas projects 🙂

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Royalty Free Halloween Music

We’ve had some fun lately, recording Halloween music and general scary music for our library. We have a number of different tracks, some are more sophisticated eerie pieces while others are fun and one is downright scary!
You can find these tracks here:
“Home Alone”-60 second cut, very tense and scary.
“Dark Skies”-A spohisticated eerie orchestral piece.
Shadows”- A creepy, yet sweet orchestral piece with a Danny Elfman style.
“Fright Night” A fun, halloween kids style track with a hip hop beat.

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New Royalty free Music Composers

We’d like to welcome another royalty free music composer to our exclusive team:
Malcolm Boyle, an experienced TV and multimedia composer.

At present we have seven royalty free music composers:

James Treweek, Nick Beston, Mike Casswell, Simon Wolfe, Dan Morrissey, Mark Cooke and Malcolm Boyle.
If you like a particular composers work you can now search through the music library by composer here

We receive a large amount of submissions from composers to add music to the SMARTassMusic library and we choose very little of it so as to keep the standard of composition and production as high as possible.

If you are a composer looking to sell your work, you can upload files (MP3s are fine) to our upload page here
We are looking for the highest quality production and excellent musicianship. In addition, we are trying to avoid a generic “royalty free music library” sound and aim more for production music excellence.

If you are accepted, we require files to be in WAV format (44.1khz) and each track should include edits and loops if at all possible.

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Virtual Instrument Techniques for Pro’ Results

virtual instrument tips

If you search through many royalty free music libraries it won’t take long before you come across cheap midi sounds from the past 20 years of computer recording. With the sophisticated virtual instruments available today this need not be the case and with enough care, these instruments can sound impressive, musical and even move you.

Here’s my tips to getting the most from virtual instruments:

Always Think of How The Real Instrument would Play :
You should learn as much as you can about the real instruments that you are emulating. Think of how the musician might physically play a certain phrase as well as the range of the instrument and which register sounds weak or particularly strong? What type of articulations suit the instrument and perhaps where it may be positioned on stage. You should include the inaccuracies that might occur with real instruments. It’s easy to make computer music sound too precise and in real life, this isn’t always the case. The individual instruments of a string section won’t start or end a phrase at exactly the same time-it shouldn’t sound messy, but it should include a human element.

Realistic Strings: (more…)

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