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SMARTassMusic Version 2.0 is live with a host of new features:

  • PDF licenses
  • PDF invoices
  • Save tracks to favourites
  • Search filter
  • Filter tracks/ edits/ loops/ packages/ compilations
  • Secure Credit Card transactions
  • Promote your own projects/ websites/ videos
  • Share music listings easily

….and loads more.

Tutorials to follow ………

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SMARTassMusic V2.0

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Children’s Music Composition

kids-musicWe  managed to combine hard work with a lot of fun recently, composing  children’s music for a client who is offering a  new concept in kid’s dance classes.
We were given only the lyrics to work from and we had  to compose original  kid’s pop-music which was fun, catchy and rhythmically correct for the children to dance to.
Check out these rough mixes :-):

Cars and Trains :
Farmyard Dance :
Seaside Dance:
Goodbye Dance:

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Daily Free Downloads

Every day you can now download a different, completely free, full length royalty free music track for your non-profit projects.
Simply login or register and visit this page for your free download:

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Orchestral Soundtracks by Yuri Sazonoff

orchestral musicWe’re introducing film composer Yuri Sazonoff this month with  a  stunning collection of  orchestral pieces – recorded with a live orchestra in Moscow.
Both the playing and the writing are simply wonderful.

These tracks are available to download either as a collection (including various edits) or as individual edits.
Orchestral Soundtracks 1 includes:

Passion of Love – A beautiful,  romantic, 8 minute  uplifting orchestral score. Beautiful string writing.

Vengeance – An exciting Hollywood style action score suitable for  battle scenes and action sequences.

Requiem – A stunning romantic, melancholic piece similar to Barber’s Adagio for strings. (No separate edits available).

9th Sense –  Mysterious, romantic, uplifting, sensual, soundtrack similar to Danny Elfmann.

Olympic Glory – Strong, slow theme. Sophisticated, rich, warm, beautiful, Hollywood style theme.

Olympic Spirit – A triumphant, uplifting, winning style orchestral soundtrack . Exciting and moving.

Each of these tracks (excluding “Requiem”)  have multiple edits available to download.

If this collection was purchased as individual edits it would cost over $400  but you can download this entire package for under $95 🙂

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Native American Background Music

native american music royalty freeNative American Background Music Package:
A great value package of 6 Native American tracks, from Film and TV composer Alex Khaskin.

The collection comprises of dark, brooding underscores, full of mystery and spirituality, conjuring up images of a dark Alaskan landscape.

Native Soul – Edit 1
A dark underscore using Native American Indian flute, percussion and subtle vocal effects.

Native Secret – Edit 1
Opens with a Native American Indian Flute the percussion and subtle modern effects are added at 32s. More optimistic sounding

Native Mystery – Edit 1
A slow, broody, mysterious piece with Native American Indian flute and percussion

Native Legend – Edit 1
A quiet, dark piece with light percussion at 62 seconds. Native American flute

Native Fire – Edit 1
A dark, mysterious Native American Indian underscore.Wooden flute, vocal

Arctic Depth – Edit 1
A mysterious, dark background track. Native American influences, light percussion, wooden flute.

The package of  all 6 Native American background music tracks for under $49 is available here

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Action-Contemporary by Michael Taylor

royalty free action musicFor those of you trying to find “Action Contemporary” by Michael Taylor…’s HERE

Annoyingly, we had a minor database fault a few months back and we thought everything was resolved but this track was missing missing from some of the tables.
It’s one of my all time favourite action tracks too and I remember it selling within 5 minutes of uploading it.
I’ll be adding more of Michael’s great music shortly.

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Royalty Free Romantic Valentine’s Music

Royalty free valentine musicWith Valentine’s day around the corner you’ll be needing great sounding romantic music and I’m not exaggerating when I say it doesn’t get better than this!

We’ve just added some fantastic romantic orchestral tracks,  composed by Yuri Sazonoff and  recorded by a live orchestra.

Passion of Love is simply stunning. 8 minutes of beautiful romantic orchestral music with wonderful string writing.
Olympic Glory is another live recording by Yuri and is an uplifting, romantic track.
I’ll be posting more about Yuri soon……….

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New Urban, Hip Hop Grooves with a Touch of Class

urban-hip-hop-musicFollowing the huge popularity of our sophisticated Hip Hop track “Urban Symphony” , we’re adding more  tracks to the collection.

Each track is a mixture of authentic hip hop beats and production combined with the sophistication of a classical string section. Also, each track contains multiple edits, loops and stings.

Street Walk is an edgy track with  a great, boomy  kick drum and authentic urban loops. The strings gives it a classy edge, with the catchy melody on top.

Urban Class is a more classically influenced track, especially towards the end when you hear a full on baroque style accompaniment from the strings.

You seem to like them and we’re having fun with these, so they’ll be more on the way.


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Jon Cooper Goes Acoustic

acoustic-musicWe’ve just added some wonderful new tracks from our electronic music composer Jon Cooper and he’s just gone all acoustic on us!

And it’s brilliant.

He’s applied his usual, wonderful minimalist approach and innate musical taste to these 3 acoustic tracks:

Dreamers combines a mellow, laid back beauty and a modern quirky approach to instrumentation. Acoustic guitar, glockenspiel and accordion, arranged with great confidence.

On a Hill combines the acoustic guitar with an ethereal synthesizer but manages to create a warm, human feeling throughout.

You Complete Me is a beautiful, warm, touching, solo acoustic guitar track.

Also, we’ve currently got about 4GB of great music waiting to be added………and a brand new site on the way!

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