Dan Morrissey – Composer

Dan Morrissey – Composer

Dan Morrissey ComposerMore new royalty free music updates, this time from prolific stock music composer Dan Morrissey.

Dan Morrissey is originally from the UK and has toured extensively as a guitarist in rock bands throughout Britain and the USA. He now spends his time composing and recording music for media production.

Dan’s music is mostly high octane guitar rock, full of energy, power, attitude and quality – the style of music that’s perfect background music for sports videos.

Big Sky Country

Big Sky Country-  A big uplifting, powerful rock track. Strength, winning, power, positive, winning, strong,


Chill Pill

Chill Pill – A catchy, cool, laid back guitar track. Style, relax, fashion, smooth, relaxed, slow, stylish


Energy WaveSynths and piano build until the drums and driving guitar come in just before 1 minute. A positive, driving piece.Business,corporate,energetic,


You can find more great royalty free music by Dan Morrissey here.

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James Treweek – Pianist

James Treweek – Recognition In The Arts

2015 had an unexpected start this January when I was honoured to be included in a mural in Stevenage (Hertfordshire) recognising people working in the arts, who grew up in the town.

James-TreweekArts personalities from the worlds of theatre, film, sculpture and literature joined the guest list for the event at Stevenage Leisure Centre.

The life size photo murals were unveiled by Stevenage Mayor and Gordon Craig Theatre patron, actress Vikki Michelle.
An earlier set of panels saluting some of the town’s sporting stars, including Lewis Hamilton, was unveiled last year.
The unveiling event was a lovely, relaxed affair  attended by most of the artists in the mural, including author Ken Follet and fellow Spice Fusion Big Band member Giles Terera!

Arts Mural

The photo used (taken by the wonderful composer Lester Barnes) was from a  recent album launch concert where I was playing a Steinway D concert grand, my Roland 700NX and Korg x50.

I’ve been concentrating on piano playing throughout 2014 (I’m back working on the again now!) and for a look at the kind of thing I’ve been doing over the past year here’s a great video featuring fellow Stevenage mural artists 🙂 myself (James Treweek) on piano and Giles Terera on vocals.

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Valentine’s Music

Valentine musicFebruary 14th is just around the corner and you can’t get away with poor quality music in your Valentine’s promos – they need to exude style and class!

In our stock-music/mood/romantic section and you can find 9 pages of top quality romantic music for your projects.
You could try these fantastic romantic orchestral tracks, composed by Yuri Sazonoff and recorded by a live orchestra.

Passion Of LovePassion of Love is a stunning composition. Beautiful romantic orchestral music perfect for any Valentines promo or romantic film.
Beautiful, romantic, uplifting orchestral music recorded by a live orchestra. Sophisticated, rich, warm, beauty, Hollywood, soundtrack”
Cinematic Romantic MusicCinematic Romantic is a collection of 7 full length tracks by composer James Bennett.
A collection beautiful, emotional, romantic tracks with piano and strings. Modern romantic film music. Perfect background track for video or film use.”
Romeo and JulietRomeo And Juliet Excerpt speaks for itself! A beautiful arrangement by David Hamilton of Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet from the ballet.


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New Royalty Free Music for 2015

New Royalty Free Music for 2015

New royalty-free-music for 2015 2014 saw me having a sabbatical from the website to devote myself to some serious piano practise, so it’s now time to update the site with lots of new music for 2015!

I’ve got plenty of great quality music uploaded already and I’ll make it live on the site as soon as possible in regular updates.

I’ve started with some great royalty free music from Evgeny Kiselevich and Dan Morrissey which you can find here.


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Sound Advice for Film

Sound Advice for Film

Ok, it may be a bad pun but I just came across this really good site and video with advice on sound recording in your films.

There’s some great advice here on audio perspective and mic placement.
It’s surprising what a huge difference audio can make in your films. It can have the effect of making your video captivating and slick or off-putting and cheap!

Lights online film school


There’s some great resources here at lights online film school blog with some more audio tutorials including advice on noise reduction and removing background hiss.

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New Music For Video

New Royalty Free Music

New Music For Video

I’m delighted to welcome talented, young composer James Bennett to Smartassmusic.
James has written some great upbeat, fresh music – perfect for corporate video or commercial projects.

Individual tracks are available as well as some great value compilations.

New Royalty Free Music  Sunshine – a compilation of 5 royalty free music tracks with a bright, positive, youthful sound. Natural, clean, fresh, perfect modern commercial music. Listen here….

New Royalty Free Music Winning Business – a compilation of 5 royalty free music tracks with a positive, determined, strong sound. Uplifting  guitar led music, perfect business or corporate video soundtrack. Listen here….

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Music Arranging


Music Arranging – Recently  we’ve moved our music arranging services to a dedicated website with far more detail and more examples of both audio, video and manuscript examples.

If you need an arranger we’ll work with you and make the process as simple and smooth as possible until you receive your completed arrangement. We don’t require up front fees and we keep you updated as to progress, with guaranteed deadlines.

In house arranger James Treweek has been a busy music arranger since 2000 and has arranged music for high profile chart acts, TV, theatre, live shows, studio sessions, cruise ships shows and function bands. If you need a music arranger for your latest musical, your touring show, next hit single or just for fun, get in touch and ask anything you like. We’ll be happy to help. We pride ourselves on clear, intelligent scores that are easy to read and sound great.


“What a superb piece of work!!.. I am very impressed with the totally professional, skillful way you have executed this job. Please send your bill….it will be a pleasure to pay for such high quality work.”

“Checked it and all looks good – very good. We are all very pleased Great job “ Colin, UK, (Playwright)

“James has arranged several numbers for us superbly. We love playing his arrangements. They really are wonderful. I can’t recommend him highly enough.” – Lynette, UK (professional musician)

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Royalty Free Music Sale – 50% off!

low cost royalty free musicRoyalty Free Music Sale – 50% off!

To celebrate the new year we’re giving away HALF-PRICE tracks and packages…..but only until January 16th.
You can license and download full length tracks for  £4.99 ($8),  packages, which include multiple loops and edits, for £9.99 ($15) and even Compilations.

We can’t keep these prices for long so download your music nowsale ends January 16th!

Visit our New Year Stock Music Sale >>>>

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Free Royalty Free Music

Free Royalty Free Music

Free Royalty Free MusicI’ve just updated the site with a new menu category – “Free Music
You can now simply add these free loops, stings and tracks to your basket, as normal and whizz straight through the checkout without adding any payment information. Our Standard license is automatically added and the free music, license and invoice are added to your account along with any other purchased tracks you may have. Here you can convert the audio into various formats (Aiff, Wav and 5 types of MP3) and download anytime.
I’ll be changing and  adding to this category quite often so be sure to check by every so often to download your free music.

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Sinatra Arrangements

Sinatra Arrangements

A while back, I heard this solo piano backing track through a great stereo system at a gig and it caught my attention. When I asked the singer about it he said “you did it”.
That really is embarrassing. I’d never heard the track in a live environment and I thought I was listening to a real piano. It was actually a virtual piano and I’ll let you into a few secrets about why this sounded so authentic.

1. Transcription:

I’d transcribed the original performance note for note, from the original Frank Sinatra performance:

sinatra arrangements

2. Phrasing:

I also recorded the new piano part in sync with the original so that the singer could phrase very naturally, having rehearsed the original Sinatra version. This is quite a complex thing to do, technically and musically and does require some experience to make it work.

3. Performance:

We’ll take it for granted that now we have the notes written down, we can play them properly, sensitively without having to program them in.

4. Mixing:

When most people use a virtual piano, they tend to just export to audio and maybe use some compression, EQ, and reverb. I like to treat a virtual piano just like real grand piano recorded with several microphone positions. I export several stereo tracks, adding different amounts of reverb and send them all to a group channel. I can then mix this much denser, more complicated sound which gives the piano more of a realistic timbre.
Yes, all this takes far more time than most people like to spend.

For more information on written arrangements or recorded arrangements visit smartassmusic arranging or music production

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