Latin Music and Brazilian Beats

brazil-backgroundWe’ve recently added some superb Latin music and authentic Brazilian beats by Tempero, composers Felipe Vassão and Janecy Nascimento. After almost two decades writing music for advertising, film and tv, they have honed their skills in multiple genres. Based in Brazil, they and have produced music and sound design for over 1000 TV and radio spots.
Check out these tracks:

Lamento – Utterly beautiful, and a personal favorite. Slow, sensual, tragic music.
Mandacaru Eletronico  – Authentic brazilian MARACATU twisted into an electronic remix. 
 Caatinga – Authentic brazilian slow BAIAO/XOTE, with a 10-string VIOLA playing over a laid-back live percussion groove.
 Lagoa – Latin lullaby, with an accordion and a fiddle playing the sweet main theme over acoustic guitars and light percussion.

All our Latin music can be found here: Royalty free Latin Music
and other great tracks by Tempero.
These tracks (and many more) are all available for licensing in TV,DVD,Video,Film, internet and multimedia.

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