Indian Background Music

Indian musicJust a quick post to welcome composer David Klotz to SMARTassMusic.
He’s provided us with some really great tracks and amongst them are a number of really strong Indian influenced pieces which enhance our world music/ ethnic music and Indian background music collection.
Delhi Llama uses traditional Indian percussion along with wooden flute and creates a dark, mysterious backdrop.
Sands of Time is rather  sinister and dramatic and includes a male vocal.
Sruti Box includes female vocal and is more of a dance orientated piece with percussion.
Deva Dasi is a traditional style piece with sitar and tabla and creates a dark, mysterious yet soothing mood.

Dave Klotz is an experienced composer,audio engineer and producer, having worked with a variety of groups, in a variety of styles. He has worked with some of the best producers in the business, including Andy Johns, Thom Panunzio and Dave Schiffman. Dave has provided orchestral arrangements on a variety of projects, toured extensively in North America and Europe as a professional keyboardist, and has appeared on a variety of albums. He is a graduate of the York University music program, where he received a BFA degree with honors, specializing in ethnomusicology, composition and avant-garde electronic music. He is credited for composition in film, television, and dance choreography, for clients spanning from Toronto, to Los Angeles and Hong Kong.

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