Scary Halloween Music

Scary Music

It’s that time again, when many of you will be looking for scary music
We’ve got a great selection of professionally produced  scary, eerie and fun Halloween tracks.

Check out the scary background music with great tracks such as :
“Haunted House “and “Horrible Encounter”, “Psycho Therapy” by Michael Talyor,
“Evil Returns“, “Gloomy Picture” and “Trapped Creature” by Alex Khaskin.
“Home Alone” by James Treweek,

For some great themes have a listen to :
Dark Skies” a creepy, slow yet beautiful theme………. and the bestseller “Shadows” another great orchestral theme, which is arranged in the style of Danny Elfman.

We’ve also put together various compilations of Horror and Halloween music.

Our tracks are some of the highest quality you’ll find anywhere, composed and produced by professional musicians and perfect for TV, Film and Video.

Have fun 🙂

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