Royalty Free TV Themes


We’ve just put together a package of really strong, catchy themes which would be perfect for TV shows, DVD titles and Video credits.
If you’re tired of hearing royalty free cheesey sounds and lame music then you should like these 🙂

Big Bang Theory – a hard hitting, “in your face”  RnB groove with great production and an annoyingly catchy tune.
Break The Ice – is a solo piano piece with rhythmic sections contrasting with more lyrical passages.
Carousel (incl strings) – is a beautiful theme tune played on two classical guitars (by concert guitarist Jonathon Preiss) with a wonderfully crafted string arrangement. If you like class, with a catchy tune then this is it!
Urban Symphony – is a constant best seller on the site and combines beautiful baroque style strings with modern Rap beats.
Beach Party – is a hugely popular track which uses a classical guitar with common dance music sounds and grooves
Burlesque – is a raunchy, 12/8 groove and a very catchy string line.
Funking Brass – is an “out and out” 60’s groove with modern kit sound. Brass riffs and heavy Hammond organ.
Another Time – combines orchestral strings with modern beats in a dark, powerful track.
All Over Now – is a cool, triumphant track with heavy guitars and synths.

The entire package of 12 full length tracks is available to buy here (£49, $79, 57 EUR).

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