New Electronic Music

 The blog’s been quiet recently but we certainly haven’t been slacking!
Among the many things we’ve been doing is adding some really good new music to the collection.

The first new batch to be uploaded was a new set of up-beat, positive electonic tracks by Jon Cooper. I’m personally a little wary of electronic music styles  because they’re very easy to do badly but Jon keeps coming up with really interesting tracks that draw you in with great melodic ideas and a fine sense of space and scale.  He’s really one of the best I’ve heard.
Have a listen to these and you’ll see what I mean:

“Dissolution of Memory” great electronic kit with a heavy synth bass and great use of space.
“SuperKolidor” energetic percussion with a dramatic piano and synths.
“The Blue Lounge”  hip-hop backbeat with classical style piano and synths.

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