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Royalty Free Sound FX:
Royalty Free sound effects and music
Royalty Free sound FX
Lots of free stuff.

Film/ Video links
A huge video production resource
Hugely informative and entertaining resource from Digital Director- Recommended!
Art of Independent Film and Video Producing - "VM Productions"
Official Site of VM Productions. Extensive database of Film Related Sources. Get a Promo DVD!
Royalty Free Stock Footage Library instantly downloadable at
Large site with educational resources for filmakers.
A comprehensive site of information and resources for your video production business.
Snapz Pro
Capture still and video screen shots from you desktop
Tool of choice for Stop Motion Animation
MPEG Stream Clip
Recommended and free converter.

Podcasting links :
This is a wonderful education resource with lots of information on Podcasting, video and writing.

Great Podcast resource guide
Another great podcast guide
Our fovourite podcast!
A guide to legal podcasting.

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