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We use a core of experienced arrangers who have provided work for film, TV and theater.
If you require an arrangement for solo guitar, jazz piano, Big Band or full orchestra, we have an arranger at hand to write it for you.

We guarantee all music arranging work so that you can be assured of quality and also that your deadline will be met. We also complete the work before requiring full payment.
All music arrangements are e-mailed to you as a print quality PDF file (or Sibelius file).

Music Transcription Costs

If you are interested in getting a work transcribed please upload your audio and describe exactly what you need.
We should be able to give you an accurate, set price.

music transcription

Music Transcription:

Lead sheet (melody and chords): approx £25
We can transcribe any music from Orchestras to Big Bands, Solo piano, Pop bands, Rock music and more. As all of this music varies so much please feel free to ask us for a quote. We set a price so that you know it won't rise. You can upload audio samples here

This audio is a re-recording (using a virtual piano) of a note for note transcription that we made from a Sinatra performance

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